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    The Greatest Showman Review

    The Greatest Showman was another treat from Hugh Jackman in the 2017 movie year. This movie was great. Not because it is a musical. It was amazing because its another time we got to see a different side of Hugh Jackman. Hugh has made himself inseparable from Wolverine so sometimes it is nice to see […]

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    Aibo the Dog of Today

    In the late 90’s Sony released the Sony AIBO. This was a robot dog. it was discontinued in 2006. This was an advanced form of robotics that still hasn’t been replicated until 2018 when Sony decided to release the AIBO again, new and improved. In fact, the only thing that came close to similarity to […]

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    Idaho The Gem State

    Idaho on map

    IDAHO is one of the secret “Gems” of the United States. In fact, it is even called “The Gem State”. This title comes from being one of two places in the World the other place being in India This is what makes Idaho fascinating, there is allot with the state that gets overlooked by the image of […]

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    The Day Is Mine

    woman sunrise

    The Day Is Mine:  The idea of today is our own. To not let others take our day. To not live up to others expectations but our own. In life every day, we have to make a choice to own our day. We need to take personal responsibility for what happens. It’s too easy to […]

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    Presidential Lip Reading

    As of writing this on December 28, 2017 this is the number one video trending on YouTube. Whether you like Donald Trump or not this is what makes YouTube great. Thanks to the people at Bad Lip Reading. Video: Bad Lip Reading Via YouTube                       […]

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    Parahawking The Art of Flight

    This is literally the coolest thing on the internet. This is also the achievement of Man and Bird. Paragliding + Hawking = Parahawking. Paragliding is a form of free flight. It is done with a wider canopy than a parachute. This allows the paraglider to create a glide ratio that lets it soar through the […]

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    Must Watch Cute and Funny Animals

    Everyone loves cute and funny video compilations of Animals. The quickest way to cheer up anyone or to get people laughing. If you are ever bored at a party, need a group activity what better way than a video of cute and funny animals. Here is great video from Cute VN on YouTube Video: Cute VN […]

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    King Kong vs Kong Skull Island

    These two movies represent one Kong but in entirely two different Genres. Picture: Universal Studios King Kong 2005 First, King Kong directed by Peter Jackson with a Beautifull Naomi Watts, and a serious Jack Black. This movie lures you in by appearing like an action movie but keeps you with its love story. This movie is […]

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    5 min intro on Bitcoin

    Bitcoin has been in the news a lot lately. We are hearing countless stories of Bitcoin Millionaires and had the only if dreams that go with these stories. It’s never too late to learn what Bitcoin is all about. This is a great 5-minute video to get you started. Video: CuriousInvetor via YouTube     […]

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