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Aibo the Dog of Today

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In the late 90’s Sony released the Sony AIBO. This was a robot dog. it was discontinued in 2006. This was an advanced form of robotics that still hasn’t been replicated until 2018 when Sony decided to release the AIBO again, new and improved. In fact, the only thing that came close to similarity to the AIBO was the ROOMBA Robot vacuum. The thing about this robot dog was that it developed a cult-like following. Everyone wanted a robot it was the first glimpse or home robotics. Everyone loved dogs and everyone loved robots. It was the perfect fusion.


The 1990’s AIBO was smart it would play and interact with you. It was even programmed to go and dock and recharge itself. There were people who came to love these dogs like they were a real part of the family. In 2006 Sony pulled the plug on AIBO it led some consumers to scavenge for parts to keep their family member alive. Costs on the AIBO and parts grew. Tech fans were disappointed they had seen the future and then it was taken away.

Recently with a new CEO, SONY decided to get back into home Robotics by releasing a new AIBO even more advanced then what we had seen before.  This is the start of robots becoming a daily part of our lives. People have adopted the robot vacuum its now time for the robot pet. The new AIBO can tell different family members and will someone create its own personality by growing close with family members that invest time with AIBO.

Robotics will be a big part of the future we have seen technologies like Amazon’s Alexa which allows you to ask the device questions, what the news is and even the weather. As Sony pushes the hardware and the software keeps improving we will all have practical applications for this technology. AIBO is leading the charge once again in this area of technology.









Reasons we want an AIBO over a real dog.

  1. The ability to have a pet wherever you live. Allot of times landlords charge extra and or completely refuses to rent to pet owners. For those that need the companionship and want a pet, this can be the perfect answer. No more struggle finding a place to live.
  2. One time cost. Once AIBO is bought there is no need for vet costs, food costs or damage to house or items. Food alone will save hundreds over the years.
  3. No cleanup. this is a huge aspect. No cleanup, the house is clean the yard is clean.
  4. Vacations just became easier. No more need to ask friends to come and dog sit. No need to worry about were to take the dog and if you will be allowed to have the pet with you. AIBO can go in any hotel room, Airbnb and family members home. One could also just turn it off and store it while they are away.
  5. Aibo is also quiet. Neighbors can’t complain about a barking dog.

AIBO is the dog of the day. All the benefits of a dog. Perfect for dog lovers and tech lovers.

Here is a great video put together by the New York Times that captures what makes the AIBO the dog of today

Vidoe: The New York Times Via YouTube
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