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Best Movie of 2017

For me, a movie is about the story it tells. We all enjoy going to the movie that takes our time and shows us fight scenes, over the top action and beautiful movie stars. This post isn’t about that though, Its about the best movie of 2017. This for me comes down to the movie that moved me the most. The story. This is why we really go to the movies.


From the title to the credits, the viewers time is treated to a bold story that brought me to analyze my life. We see two men one Logan who is on the brink of his death.  The Professor X. This movie is more than the closing of two characters. Its a story of how to approach death. The fight never stops and it’s important to not lose ourselves even at the end.

This trailer displays why this the Best Movie of 2017.

Video: 20th Century Fox via YouTube
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