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Debt Free and Graduate College


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I have been in school a long time and I learned over the years how to get through college and stay debt free. Allot of students feel the only way to get through school is to receive FAFSA and Student Loans. The truth is this is a way to get in debt to pay for college.

First, Apply for all possible scholarships. This is important and a step most students overlook. There are plenty of great organizations and people wanting to help students get through school.

Second, Allot of State Colleges will reduce your tuition by half or even pay in full if you work for the college full time. I myself worked as a Janitor and only paid 5 dollars a credit. I know the state of Utah for a fact gives employees half tuition. The great thing about this is you make money and your school is cheap.

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Third, Look online for online degree options. This is becoming more common. There are a lot of great online degrees you can get. This allows for you to work a job and go to school.

Finally, Make sure to apply for FAFSA this is a Pell grant to help students get through school. The kicker is to be calculated if you’re going to take the loans that are offered.



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