Idaho The Gem State

Idaho on map
Idaho on map

IDAHO is one of the secret “Gems” of the United States. In fact, it is even called “The Gem State”. This title comes from being one of two places in the World the other place being in India

This is what makes Idaho fascinating, there is allot with the state that gets overlooked by the image of being known for its famous potatoes.

Farming is a big part of Idaho but the point of this post is to go deeper and show you why Idaho is the “Gem State”.

Idaho Potato


One thing Idaho is known for is the rivers. Idaho has four famous rivers that even require a permit to float.

The Middle Fork of the Salmon River is so beautiful people come from all around the world to take river trips. The scenery changes drastically on this float. You will see the standard green forests, high desert terrain, and jagged rock cliffs that leave your jaw in awe.

Idaho is also home to the Snake River. One section, in particular, that is beautiful is Hells Canyon of the Snake River this is the deepest river gorge in the United States. It’s an amazing feeling to be floating on a river and being surrounded by the magnitude and beauty of a deep canyon.

Idaho has thousands of miles of rivers. There’s also miles and miles of whitewater in this state so if your a recreation enthusiast make sure to visit.

Idaho waterfall


Water is the key to life and Waterfalls is one of those things that connect us to the beauty of water.

Idaho has so many waterfalls. here is just a few. The one in the picture is just right outside Swan Valley Idaho. Such a beautiful view and the parking is really close.

Other drive-by waterfalls are the famous Shoshone Falls, Idaho. Upper and Lower Mesa Falls.



From drive up and hop into hiking to a remote location Idaho has you covered with some of the most beautiful spots to lay back, clear your mind and enjoy some of the most amazing views you will ever see. Lava Hot Springs is a famous Hot Springs and it’s even close to the main freeway that runs through Idaho.




Idaho is known for the wildlife. Elk, Moose, Deer, Bear, Wolves. Some of the most exotic mountain animals in the world. There is nothing like seeing these majestic creatures in the wild.

One of the things to know is recently Idaho Wolves were reintroduced and one of the few states that have them.


This is one of the largest wilderness areas in the United States. There is a lot of Native American History, some very beautiful areas and as stated in the name wilderness. This is a place for the wild the animals. Humans are the guest here. Its such an honor and privilege to get to visit and explore an area like this.

Pretty Farm Fields

For the stereotype of being the “Potato State,” one thing that is not shown is all the beauty of the fields. They can be plots of dirt but they can also be wonderful views that provide amazing backdrops for some of the most amazing sunsets, rainbows, and even beautiful rainstorms.

Idaho Farm


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