King Kong vs Kong Skull Island

These two movies represent one Kong but in entirely two different Genres.

King Kong 2005
Picture: Universal Studios King Kong 2005

First, King Kong directed by Peter Jackson with a Beautifull Naomi Watts, and a serious Jack Black. This movie lures you in by appearing like an action movie but keeps you with its love story. This movie is more about the Kong and his relationship with the lady Ann Darrow played by Naomi Watts than it is about the ferocious side of Kong we are used to.

The best line is at the end where it is stated by Jack Blacks Character Carl Denham “Beauty killed the beast”.

Honestly, this is an emotionally moving experience that we don’t see much in storytelling through the movie medium these days.

Second, Kong Skull Island. Directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts and starring Samuel L Jackson. This movie is about one thing Action. A frustrated Vietnam War Veteran Preston Packard played by Samuel L Jackson is on the warpath to win against Kong. After the Vietnam war, he was asked to lead a group of soldiers and scientists into an uncharted island only to find a creature he didn’t know existed. As soon as he sees Kong it’s his purpose to show that man is stronger than Beast. It is through James Conrad played by Tom Hiddleston and a group of scientists that Kong isn’t actually the bad guy in the movie he is the hero that keeps the Island safe from what is below. The only problem is who will stop who Kong or Preston Packard.

Kong Skull Island
Picture: Warner Bros, Legendary Pictures

These two movies are both great but I give the nod for storytelling to King Kong by Peter Jackson. There is more character development and a traditional King Kong experience. For those in the mood for straight action though Kong Skull Island doesn’t disappoint.


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