New Years Resolutions hold you back


2017 is over and 2018 is here. Every New Years we hear about and or see posts in our social media feed of new years resolutions.

These are well meaning and from people setting positive goals for themselves. This is a great step. The thing is though is The Day Is Mine It is about making our goals and resolutions Today. 

Waiting for new years sets us up for failure were putting timelines on our goals. We’re giving ourselves excuses to wait. The people who achieve their dreams are working on their goals today.

They are taking accountability today. Action, today.


Where were not waiting for New Years here is some basic goal setting tips

  1. Write it Down: This is the first action step this gets our goals, ideas, dreams out of our heads and on paper. This is crucial. Allot of people avoid this step. This is a must. If you don’t believe me test it yourself. Keep going along not writing your goals down.
  2. Post your goals where you can see them: This goes along with step one and writing your goals down. After you write them down it doesn’t stop there. You need to post your goals in multiple places where you will see them. Above your computer, on your mirror, on the fridge, in the bathroom get your goals where you will see them.
  3. Make a plan: You have your goals now it is time to break your goal down. This will all depend on what timeframe your goal is. For example is it to move this summer? is it to build a website in the next two weeks? This is where you give yourself the timeframe and schedule the steps to get you there by that time frame.
  4. Plan for disappointment: This is important. Disappointment and setbacks will come. Don’t let this emotionally stop you from working towards your goals. There can be a variety of ways to plan for disappointment. My suggestion always have a variety of things that can help you. Watching an episode of your favorite show. Playing a game. Calling a friend. Taking a walk. Anything to take your mind of the disappointment not get set back for days and then get back to work.
  5. Tell supportive people in your life: This is critical tell supportive people in your life your goals. Completely avoid the critical people in your life they don’t want you to achieve your dreams. This might mean not going to close people to you. There are plenty of internet groups on facebook with people full of similar goals go join those groups.
  6. Enjoy the process: Remember achieving our goals is important but it is the process and journey that gets us there. If your goal is to lose weight learn to enjoy those days at the gym. It can be tough to enjoy the grind but if we can just keep a positive attitude and enjoy the experience and knowledge we are gaining we will find at the end when we achieve our goal that this was a valuable experience.

New years is great but remember “The Day Is Mine”. 

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The Day Is Mine

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