The Day Is Mine

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The Day Is Mine:  The idea of today is our own. To not let others take our day. To not live up to others expectations but our own. In life every day, we have to make a choice to own our day. We need to take personal responsibility for what happens. It’s too easy to blame others for our own productivity. It is better to take control of our actions and work towards our goals.

Tips for Success.

Live and Die by a plan (schedule)

We have to live and die by a schedule. This is our way to tell the world “The day is Mine”. This is what I will be doing. The key to a plan is you have to write it down. It can’t just be in your head what you plan on doing for the day. Write it down, say it out loud and don’t budge it for others make them apart from your plan but don’t change your plan for their lack of planning.

Cross of your plan

As you work your plan cross off what you did. This is a way to see the success that you are achieving your goals.  It is important to know what we’ve done so we don’t get lost in what is ahead.

Eye on the goal

It is easy to take our eye off our goals and want to do other things that will not get us to where we want to be. Keep your Eye on the goal when discouragement comes this will keep you from quitting.

Plan for discouragement. 

It is a normal human emotion to get discouraged especially when what we are working towards is years away. Understand this is normal. The key is to plan for it. When this happens to have something planned that you do. For example maybe its a break for a run. Maybe a 2-day vacation maybe eating healthy food. the key is to have a plan of things you can do to get through it.


The main thing is for you to be motivated. To own your day. To be productive. To achieve the success you want.

Remember The Day Is Mine. 

Achieve your dreams.

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