The Greatest Showman Review


The Greatest Showman was another treat from Hugh Jackman in the 2017 movie year. This movie was great. Not because it is a musical. It was amazing because its another time we got to see a different side of Hugh Jackman. Hugh has made himself inseparable from Wolverine so sometimes it is nice to see him in a non-action movie.

For the record, this movie has captured a lot of peoples attention even those that aren’t a big fan of musicals. This is a musical but it is so much more.

This was a story about the man P.T. Barnum. This man was raised from humble beginnings and went on to create the most famous circus the “Barnum & Bailey Circus”.

The movie starts and ends with a scene at the circus which is the end product of what Barnum achieved. I wish this was how the movie went because these were the best scenes in the movie. This movie isn’t about the circus though like all great journeys it’s about the path and work it took to get there not the destination itself.

This movie doesn’t disappoint¬†though. Minus the beginning and the end, we see a man who was driven to find success. When I went into the movie I assumed it would be a movie about a rag to riches story but that is not this movie. This movie is about a mans obsession to fit in with the elite rich of the town. Sadly this is done at the cost of his family and those that helped him build his circus. What shines through is that everyone has talents and needs to fit in. At first, Barnum helped the outcast find a place and it came full circle at the end with those he himself outcasted through the movie coming to help him and inspire Barnum to achieve his dreams.

The other thing I’d like to note about this movie is you really see one mans obsession to prove everyone wrong. Barnum is out to get the approval of his in-laws. No matter the success he earns it is still never enough for them. Even with buying a mansion in their neighborhood it wasn’t enough. Barnum brought one of the most talented singers in the world from Europe to put on a show for the elite he was still rejected by those he sought attention from. The singer herself even betrayed him which hurt Barnum financially. The lesson to be learned here is its good to be driven and motivated but really analyze what it is that motivates you. If we have the wrong motivation such as gaining others approval we will never be satisfied. Don’t ever seek the approval of others. Remember, “The Day Is Mine” the mindset being you do things your way and for yourself. Own your day. Don’t work for others approval work for your own dreams and goals.

This movie will inspire anyone who goes to watch it. It’s motivating and grounding. It’s motivating in seeing a man work for his dreams and success. It is grounding in that we are reminded to not forget what got us there especially the people that got us to where we are.

Video: 20th Century Fox Via YouTube
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